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MLAANZ Journal

Variant Title Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand Journal
Publication Year 1983-2005
ISSN 0811-4293
Preferred Abbreviation MLAANZ Journal
Alternative Abbreviation ANZ Mar LJ
Citation Format  (year) volume MLAANZ Journal page 
Citation Example  (2004) 18 MLAANZ Journal 152 
Continued ByAustralian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal
Notes MLAANZ Journal ceased as a print publication in 2006. It was replaced by the Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal, which is published as a e-journal
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Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal

Variant Title Australian & New Zealand Maritime Law Journal
Publication Year 2006-
ISSN 1834-0881
Preferred Abbreviation A&NZ Mar LJ
Alternative Abbreviation ANZ Mar L J
Citation Format  (year) 22 A&NZ Mar LJ page 
Citation Example  (2008) 22 A&NZ Mar LJ 22 
Previous TitleMLAANZ Journal
Notes Between 2006 – 2007 use the abbreviation ANZ Mar L J From 2008 onwards use A&NZ Mar LJ
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