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Journal TitlePreferred AbbreviationAlternative Abbreviation 
AcquitalkCite to Title View Details
Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network ReportARLAN View Details
ANZSLA CommentatorANZSLA Commentator View Details
ANZSLA NewsletterANZSLA Newsletter View Details
Auckland University Law ReviewAuckland U L RevAULR,Auck UL RevView Details
Australia & New Zealand Journal of Law & EducationCite to Title View Details
Australia & New Zealand Law & History E-JournalANZLH E-Journal View Details
Australian & New Zealand Trade Practices Law BulletinTPLB View Details
Australian and New Zealand Insurance CasesANZ Insurance Cases View Details
Australian and New Zealand Journal of CriminologyCite to Title View Details
Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law JournalA&NZ Mar LJANZ Mar L JView Details
Australian and New Zealand Trade Practices Advertising and Marketing Law BulletinAMLB View Details

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