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Legal Citations of Aotearoa New Zealand (LCANZ) provides guidance on the citation of all major New Zealand legal journals and law reporting series. More than 120 law journals and law reporting series are searchable by either title or abbreviation. Examples of citations provided for all entries are in accordance with the New Zealand Law Style Guide (NZLSG). Examples provided are for reported case citations and neutral case citations have not been included -see NZLSG rule 3.2.2.

This is the first online index to New Zealand legal citation and fills a conspicuous gap in New Zealand legal literature. The Index has been compiled by Mary-Rose Russell, formerly at the Davis Law Library at the University of Auckland.


This database is freely available to the general public: you do not need to be a staff member or student at the University.


This database will be updated on a regular basis. You are welcome to provide comment and suggestions for inclusions, or amendments. Please e-mail


Copyright of this material resides with The University of Auckland. No commercial use of the materials will be authorised without the permission of The University of Auckland. Access to the database is conditional on the understanding that you agree to the terms and conditions above, and that you will not use the material for purposes other than those specified.

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