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Tax Reports New Zealand

Variant Title Butterworths Taxation Service Tax Reports New Zealand
Publication Year 1975-1995
ISSN 0110-0246
Preferred Abbreviation TRNZ
Alternative Abbreviation
Citation Format  Name(s) (year of decision) volume TRNZ page 
Citation Example  King v Bennetts (1994) 19 TRNZ 147 (CA) 
Previous TitleNew Zealand Taxation Board of Review Decisions
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New Zealand Taxation Board of Review Decisions

Variant Title  
Publication Year 1961-1974
ISSN 0549-009X
Preferred Abbreviation NZTBR
Alternative Abbreviation
Citation Format  Name(s)(year of decision) volume NZTBR page 
Citation Example  Case 19 (1971) 5 NZTBR 164 
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