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Butterworths Family Law Bulletin

Variant Title Family Law Bulletin
Publication Year 1985-1993
ISSN 1002-6261
Preferred Abbreviation FLB
Alternative Abbreviation
Citation Format  (year) volume FLB page 
Citation Example  (1985) 1FLB 19 
Continued ByButterworths Family Law Journal
Previous TitleCorrections Quarterly
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Corrections Quarterly

Variant Title  
Publication Year 1992-1993
ISSN 1171-977X
Preferred Abbreviation CQ
Alternative Abbreviation
Citation Format  (year) issue CQ page  
Citation Example  (1992) 1 CQ 4 
Continued ByCriminal Justice Quarterly
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Butterworths Family Law Journal

Variant Title Family Law Journal
Publication Year 1993-2004
ISSN 1350-2778
Preferred Abbreviation BFLJ
Alternative Abbreviation
Citation Format  (year) volume BFLJ page 
Citation Example  (1993) 1 BFLJ 107 
Continued ByNew Zealand Family Law Journal
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